Design & Build

Our Design & Build services provide end-to-end solutions for real estate development, including architectural design, engineering, project management, and construction. We work closely with clients to bring their vision to life and deliver high-quality, sustainable projects on time and within budget.

Design & Engineering

  • Macro and Micro market Overview and Site Analysis
  • Feasibility study of proposed land w.r.t. location & land zone
  • Understanding & evaluating development potential
  • Study of possible & feasible development mix
  • Evaluation of local bye laws & highlighting critical activities for the same.
  • Preparation of conceptual masterplan & massing
  • Suggesting suitable construction methodology to achieve the budget & time
  • Evaluating high level project & overall cost required for the life cycle.

Project Management

Pre construction –

  • Listing of required statutory approvals & highlighting critical approvals
  • Tracking of approvals, especially critical approvals
  • Appointment of various design Consultants
  • Design Review, Coordination and design finalisation
  • Value engineering workshop
  • Project Planning
  • BOQ and Budget preparation
  • Tendering and Bidding
  • Construction Technology Evaluation
  • Contract Management & administration

During construction –

  • Project Planning and Controlling
  • Design Coordination
  • Contract Administration, Review and Management
  • Construction Management and Coordination
  • Vendor Control and Management
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Risk Management & Safety audit
  • Bill Certification and Cost Control
  • Cost and BOQ Audit
  • Reconciliation of steel, concrete, labor, services etc.
  • Project health check up
  • Dispute management & settlement
  • Handing over completed project to the client

Development Management

  • Evaluation of project
  • Understanding technical feasibility & market dynamics
  • Project financing or refinancing
  • Sales & marketing management
  • Project management services
  • Project closure

Cost Advisory & Management

Pre Contract Works –

  • Estimation & Budget preparation at various stages
  • BOQ preparation as per approved technical specifications.
  • Tender document preparation & process management
  • Value Engineering at various stages.

Post Contract Works –

  • Verification & scrutiny of bills.
  • Work order tracking including amendment & extra items
  • Reconciliation of materials.
  • Cash flow presentation & monthly cost report.
  • Final close out of all contracts.

Value Engineering

  • Improvisation in the value of product.
  • Increasing value of project without sacrificing quality or performance.
  • Optimization of design, functionality & various processes.
  • Maximizing the outcome with minimalistic cost.
  • Brain storming with various experts in the field.
  • To enhance & evaluate alternative designs & technologies.