Consulting & Valuation

Valuation & Advisory Services are a core component of our comprehensive real estate solutions. Our team of professionals provides expert guidance on property valuation, feasibility studies, due diligence, and market research. We work closely with clients to provide accurate and reliable valuation assessments that inform their real estate investment strategies. Our customized advisory services support our clients in making informed decisions and help them maximize the value of their properties. With our deep knowledge of real estate markets, trends, and regulations, we provide comprehensive valuation and advisory services that support our clients’ investment goals and long-term success.

Overview and analysis of micro market

  • Micro market Overview and Site Analysis
  • Provide with brief about the property neighborhood along with the connectivity and accessibility parameters to the subject property.
  • Analysis of comparable properties in micro market
  • Compile list of comparable properties of similar characteristics either transacted or available for sale in the subject location for evaluation.
  • Outline the attributes of the various comparable properties in relation to the subject property
  • Apply discount / premium to comparable properties based on above attributes to arrive at the Market Value
  • Valuation of the property by Discounted Cash flow method and Direct Comparison Method (If Applicable)
  • Valuation of the other properties or additional Security (if applicable)
  • Determining the following ratios after valuation
  • DSR: Debt Service Ratio
  • SCR: Security Cover Ratio
  • Special notes/remarks for factors that have direct impact on the market value of the subject property.

Portfolio Valuation

  • Periodic Monitoring of the investments in the Fund Portfolio
  • Periodic Monitoring of the Securities in the Fund Portfolio
  • Determining the following ratios periodically after valuation
    • DSR: Debt Service Ratio
    • SCR: Security Cover Ratio