Asset Management

Asset Management is a core service we offer to help our clients optimize their real estate investments. Our team of experts provides comprehensive asset management services, including property management, financial analysis, and strategic planning. We work closely with clients to develop customized asset management plans that align with their investment goals and maximize the value of their properties. Through proactive management and monitoring, we help our clients mitigate risk, enhance asset performance, and achieve long-term success in their real estate investments.

Asset Management

  • Financial Monitoring
  • Project Monitoring
  • Lenders Independent Engineers
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Portfolio Management

Project Monitoring

  • Approval & approval cost monitoring
  • Contract Administration, Review and monitoring
  • Construction monitoring
  • Risk Management & Safety audit
  • Bill Certification and Cost Control
  • Cost and BOQ Audit
  • Project health check up